Wedding Superstitions

Thailand culture is known for its superstitions and spirit worship. Even the Thai language has many idioms and sayings that admit a supernatural wider cosmic order.


Believe it or not, astrology and supernatural phenomena influence the daily life and decisions of many people in Thailand. In this country we find also many wedding superstitions, the most known being the following:

1. Brides should not try their wedding dress before the wedding.

2. Sharp, pointed objects, including knives should not be offered as wedding gift because this will break the marriage.

3. If it rains during the wedding day, the life of the couple will be happy and prosperous.


4. Offering chamberpot as a wedding gift brings good luck to the couple.

5. Throwing rice confetti will bring the newlyweds prosperity.

6. If the groom sits ahead of his bride during the wedding ceremony, he wil be a henpecked husband.


7. If the bride wears pearls on her wedding day, she will be a sad wife and will experience many tears.

8. Dropping the veil, the wedding ring or the arrhae during the wedding ceremony, will bring unhappiness for the newlyweds.

9. Breaking something at the reception, brings good luck.

10. The groom must arrive before the bride at the church to avoid bad luck.

11. The bride has to step on her groom’s foot while walking towards the altar if she wants him to agree to her all the time.


12. If a candle on the side of the bride or groom means that she or he, respectively will die first of the other.

If a Western man choose to marry a Thai woman, he has to know about all these superstitions. Thus, he won’t be surprised or angry about Thai wedding superstitions.