Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day has become one of the most popular holidays in the world and is celebrated by people all around the globe. Thailand makes no exception, as people in this country did not forget about red roses, chocolates, flowers, candlelit dinners and whispered sweet nothings.

Even though Thais celebrated Valentine’s Day in numerous diverse ways, getting married or trying to tie the knot was the main focus of attention. The traditional district of love in Bangkok (Bang Rak) stormed with couples who lined up at the district office well before it opened. They all wanted to enter a draw for a gold marriage certificate.


The first ones who tied the know were Pol. Lt. Chukiat Chongsomboonkusol, 35, of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, and Chantima Tirawan, 21. The lucky couple waited outside the office from 5am, after the officer finished his shift at about 2am.

Another lucky couple who got married on Valentine’s day is Sathien and Thong Sharekrathok, both 90, who tied the knot in Nakhon Ratchasima after spending 23 years together and seen their six children by other marriages grow up and form their own families. When asked what is the secret of living together in old age, the 90-year-old newlywed husband said:

We live like friends, like brother and sister. We always talk to each other, with no emotional upsets, and it always ends up my doing everything she wants.” (laughs)


Another trend in Thailand is for couples to take the plunge and participate in adventure-themed wedding ceremonies. Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, in the province Prachinburi, three Thai couples took part in unique wedding ceremonies arranged by a Thai resort. This one-of-a-kind ceremony aims to strengthen the couples’ relationship by doing fun activities together.

The first couple, Varutton Rangsitwong and Prasit Rangsitwong, jumped into the water as they are chased by an actor costumed as a pirate. Then, they try to run away from a giant flower ball and, finally, they swing out on a rappelling rope. Two more couples who chose to get married at the resort went through the same “adventures”.


Some lucky Thai brides and grooms! Besides getting married on Valentine’s Day, they also got an unforgettable ceremony.