Traveling To Thailand

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Thailand is one of the most amazing countries in the world. A tourist friendly destination, Thailand manages to draw millions of visitors each year. The attractions are impressive and the opportunities to spend a lovely time surely are unique. Well, if you plan on traveling to Thailand with the main purpose to meet the woman of your dreams, you should be prepared. Thailand is a charming country, but also a place in which you can meet your soulmate.


Below you can find a list of things you should keep under consideration when visiting the beautiful country of Thailand.

1. One of the first aspects you should consider is the food. Thai food is nowadays appreciated all over the world for its delicious taste. And you should not worry at all. Despite what you may first imagine, you should know that people in Thailand use forks and spoons, unlike Chinese.

2. When ordering a meal, you should make sure to specify that you want it mai phet. This means not spicy in English. However, in case you ordinary enjoy spicy food, you just have to try it. Just be prepared to eat something really spicy, even though amazingly delicious.


3. If you plan on renting a car for your staying in Thailand, you should be quite careful. Driving can turn out to be an adventure here. Traffic laws are commonly ignored in Thailand and everything can look quite chaotic.

4. Skip the fish sauce called nam pla. This should be avoided in case you are holding a low-sodium diet. Nam pla is usually used as salt substitute.

5. One of the main things you should understand about the culture of this country is that women have a special status. So, women will commonly have to wear a scarf when visiting temples. Well, in this context it also is important to know that when being in such a sacred place you will have to take off your shoes. This is a rule you just have to respect whenever you are visiting a temple.


Naturally, these are just few things you should consider when visiting Thailand. It would be a great idea to avoid all actions that may turn out offending others. Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing and try to respect as much as possible the culture of the inhabitants of Thailand. This will make your staying here a better experience and your search for your future wife much easier.