Thai Ceremony

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When Thai women get married, there are many customs and the wedding ceremony is a little bit different. To comply with Buddhist beliefs, most Thai women who get married would be happy to have a traditional ceremony. In Thailand, the legal marriage takes place at any Thai amphur countrywide, which is the Civil Registry Office. Marriage certificates issued in Thailand are recognized by Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada, Britain and France.


According to tradition, a Thai couple becomes engaged during a ceremony known as thong mun and this ceremony will be attended by parents, friends and relatives. Thais opt for gold jewellery. This event is interlinked with an ancient tradition called sinsod or sinsot. It’s customary to negotiate the amount and terms of sinsod.Additionally, a dowry is normally waived in case of re-marriages.


Before the in-law family will accept you, they have to know who you are and analyze if you’re a suitable suitor or not. Usually, sinsod is reciprocated by the parents-in-law. Many parents-in-law give the dowry back to the couple as a wedding gift, some families don’t require a dowry, while others needs to keep the money.


Additionally, the union of two individuals is represented by placing the sai monkonor sacred cord upon the couple’s heads. The blessing of the couple is symbolized by sacred markings and the rod-nam-sang or conch shell, considered a source of good in ancient Brahman religion and a core symbol in Buddhism.

Water is an important element, symbolising cleaning and luck. Other important elements are flower garlands and flower petals. There are many beautiful rituals to be found in the wedding ceremonies of Thailand.