Thai Brides

I was nearly sixty when it occurred to me that after retiring from the mines I would like to have a nice person to settle down with, one that I could be with now that I was not working 16 hour per day. The mines make you feel isolated from the real world and I have been working in them for forty years so it is time to find a lady that is interested in a man who is about to go into retirement. It was a great life but what I really wanted to do now is find that special someone and ask her to come back to America with me to find a place to live.

My friends put me onto this Thai dating website where you could meet ladies who wanted to become Thai brides. This site was designed to help people like me who were getting older in years to meet ladies that were looking for a permanent relationship. There were dozens of ladies that I meet here on this site who would e-mail me and ask me questions about what I did and what I liked to do. After a while I got to know one of these ladies very well until I decided that she was the right girl for me.

We dated online for several months until I flew over to meet her. I had plenty of money to make the trip a dozen times after working in the mines for so long but I wanted to keep most of the money I had earned for buying a house in the country. The girl that I had meet was really interested in this idea and was totally excited by the fact that I had asked her to marry me and come to live in Nevada. She was a great girl and makes the perfect wife which is all that I could ask for.