Thai brides showing how marriage really should be

Within the first few months of being married to my Thai bride I started to realize that the cultural differences where bigger than I thought although they were nothing that could not be worked on and the fact that we discussed the problems always worked out for the best. I could not ask my new bride to stop doing the things that she had been raised up to do so instead we made a compromise which meant that she had her space and I had mine. The best part about my Thai girl was that she was always ready to compromise and work hard to make the relationship work no matter what it took to get by.

Whenever I was sick my new wife would be there by my side to look after me and make me nice soups and hot drinks so I would get well soon. Being the gentleman that I am I also made her yummy treats not only when she was sick but also when she was well so that she knew I appreciated her. As we both went to work in the mornings we would kiss each other goodbye and check our lunches to see what surprises there are in them which was something that kept the spark in our lives. These little surprises made a few extra levels of happiness in the relationship that i had never experienced before but which certainly kept it interesting and fun. I would not trade my Thai bride for anyone in the world because I know if we have a problem she will be very willing to work it out for the sake of the relationship.