Thai brides favor American men

Even though that title may not be politically correct this website will prove that most Asian girls like to meet normal American men because they are interested in their heritage, lifestyle and background. If you join this site you will notice that many of the ladies profiles state that they are looking for Americans so that they can hopefully be a part of the land of the brave and the free. There is nothing wrong with Thailand and most girls will always want to go back some day to visit their linage but it is also true that the pioneering spirit lives in these girls and they are all looking for challanges and a change as well as looking at becoming Thai brides.

What would you say to a girl that you had just met on the internet and she invited you to her country to meet her and see the sights? I said yes and it was only about a year later that that same girl moved in with me and we are talking about getting married in the summer of 2010. We did not want to rush things and we are both saving for the perfect honeymoon after we have a cheap wedding in Thailand with her parents and my mum. This was one of those text book cases where guy meets girl on internet, guy asks girl to be his girlfriend and then guy eventually falls in love. It was a great thing that I joined this site but now for me the looking is over, so I say to you have fun looking and meet many fine young girls on this site so that you can pick the one that is best suited to you.