Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Thai Girls

Thai girls are unique, beautiful women who can make any man happy. However, language and cultural differences can make building a relationship with such a woman quite hard. From this point of view, understanding the culture and the traditions specific to these girls is highly important. Thai girls will definitely appreciate if you show interest in their culture. Here you can find a list of do’s and don’ts when dating Thai girls. They may help you successfully date a beautiful Thai lady.


Do’s when dating Thai Girls

Be polite: in Thailand being polite is extremely important. For a Thai lady this means a lot. Actually, being police is crucial if you want to make a Thai girl fall in love with you.

Be ready to pay: in Thailand women are used to pay for nothing when being on a date. So, your Thai lady will expect you to pay. This doesn’t mean that Thai girls are only looking for money. In Thai culture, there is a custom which says that the guy has to pay for everything when taking a lady out.

Respect the cultural differences: naturally, there are going to be many cultural, ideology and language differences you will meet. You need to respect the beliefs of the Thai lady you are dating.

Respect her family: family is extremely important in Thai culture. Actually, Thai girls will only introduce you to their family when they really trust you. However, keep in mind that Thai girls may put family ahead of everything, including job and marriage.

Dress appropriately: when dating a Thai lady you need to dress well and make the girl proud to show you off. Short shirts and shorts should never be part of your outfit.

Thai girls, do's at dates

Don’ts when dating Thai Girls

Don’t expect to have sex: a Thai girl will never have sex with you at the first date, so you better not assume that this will happen. Don’t pressure such a lady for sex. In fact, be ready as most statistics show that Thai women don’t have sex until they get married.

Don’t talk about money: a Thai lady thinks that talking about money is low-class. Bragging about how much money you make will be a mistake.

Don’t make fun of Thailand: complaining or making fun of Thailand would not be wise. Mocking her culture and beliefs will most likely put an end to your date.

Don’t make her choose you over her family: even though you may think that marriage will make Thai girls forget all about their families, you could not be more wrong. A Thai lady will always love her family.

Don’t sweet talk to Thai girls too much: you don’t need to be fake to win her over.

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Naturally, when dating Thai girls you need to be a perfect gentleman. These are beautiful girls, but they are also smart and educated ladies, so they expect the best from you.