Should You Trust Thai Girls?

Many Western men who plan to date Thai women don’t know what they should do. Some of them have a negative opinion about them and thus, they don’t trust them. There are real reasons for this, but it doesn’t mean that there are no great Thai women.


With so many negative stories on the Internet, Thai girls are generally perceived as being untrustworthy. Nevertheless, some of them are actually more devoted and trustworthy than the majority of Western women. The main features of an untrustworthy Thai girl are the following:

  • no accepted call phones from you
  • she doesn’t return your calls, emails or IM’s
  • is often late at night
  • she works in a coyote place, bar or massage parlor
  • many friends of her work also in massage parlors and bars

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    Meeting one of the above criteria it doesn’t mean that she is untrustworthy, so try to know her better before believing that she doesn’t deserve your trust. Yes, the Thai culture and language can be a barrier, but if you’re ready to know girls from different cultures and are ready to understand them, dating Thai girls shouldn’t be such a complicated and risky process.


    Before becoming suspicious, you should wait a little, analyze things, her and also trust your gut. Yes, in some cases, dating Thai women, may be a minefield, but it shouldn’t be your situation, too. If she’s interested in Western men, it means she already knows a few things about their culture and also a few words in English.


    Always trust in a love relationship with anyone is a two way street, so the same is with Thai girls. All you have to do is to take it slow, get to know each other well enough and communicate. All these things will move your relationship forward quickly and there will be increased chances to make the best of it.

Mistakes Made By Many Western Guys

Western guys are attracted by Thai women, but they make some mistakes and thus, their love relationships end soon. Thai culture and conceptions are different from Western ones, so men have to pay attention to avoid mistakes. Thus, Western guys have to get it right if they want a great personal life. The most frequent mistakes are the following:

1. Take the easy route to meet a Thai woman, looking for a wife in a bar. Or, there are some guys that want to turn a prostitute in a wife, but all these end in disaster.


2. Move her in although you don’t plan to marry her. So, the only reason why you should move together has to happen only if you want to put a ring on her finger. If not, don’t move her in. There could be a lot of drama with a hysterical woman in your house, so pay attention to what you do if you don’t want to complicate things.

3. Settle down too soon and too fast. Some Western guys marry a Thai woman only after two weeks, but this is not enough at all to know someone. Anyway, she will still have many expectations.


4. Agree to things and customs you don’t want to agree to. She will tell you that this is how things are in Thailand, but don’t hurry and agree to something you don’t want to as this may result in a disaster. In case she tells you several times that you don’t understand Thai culture, perhaps you should give up and put an end to this relationship because it won’t work.

5. Meet her family for the first time only right on your big day is also another mistake. This happens in many cases. Keep in mind that when marrying a Thai girl you also marry her family. Therefore, you should take a close look at her family and long before getting married. Usually, her family members will look at you closely and will ask you a lot of questions, so pay attention and try to know them better.


6. Tell too much about you and your life too soon. If you break up with her, remember that a Thai woman is revengeful and she will tell people about all those secrets and embarrassing moments related to you.

Be aware of these mistakes and thus, you’ll prevent a lot of problems from happening. Additionally, decide if you want a serious relationship with a Thai woman or not.

The Perfect Relationship With A Thai Woman

If you’re worried about meeting the right woman, then do yourself a favor and relax into this article. You’re about to be new-schooled. If You Are An 18-80 Year Old Guy Who Seeks Love, Happiness And Wild Adventures Then Here’s Why You Should Join The 643 Other Guys Just Like YOU Who Have Traveled To Thailand For Just Pennies On The Dollar!

However, it’s going to take some changes on your part. Are you ready? Good. But first, think about this. If you’re constantly not meeting women, then admitably it’s hard to see ‘meeting women’ as being a ‘natural and easy’ process.

Especially when it constantly feels like it’s just not happening.

Firstly let me say there’s no real easy solutions to this common relationship – meet-a-partner problem. But I do know that there are some actions you can take that can put you in favorable or sticky environments where meeting a woman, and in particular, a Thai woman, will be distinctly easy, and a natural process for you.

That however might mean you need to move out of your comfort zone, and perhaps even travel, or live… in a completely new country, such as Thailand. Thailand has been a location of choice for me for five years – will it be for you too? The relaxed, peace loving Thai people, laid back attitude, and an all-embracing and heart felt welcoming that one always feels here are joys to behold.

I must admit, I did carry a vision of the type of woman I wanted to meet in my head for a long time. But I let nature and natural selection work out the finer details, and I recommend you do the same. But let’s look at why Thailand will become a perfect location for you to meet Thai women and establish new friendships…

For starters, Thai women are gracious, very accepting, and have a great, laid back, relaxed persona about most things (generally speaking). Actually most Thais carry these rich, Buddhist influenced qualities that resonate with a beautiful simpleness and an unburdened approach to life. It’s much like they live a lifestyle without anything too remotely serious attached to it.

The Thai culture is diverse enough to make any Westerner feel at home too. And even better, there’s a real natural attraction for many Thai woman to want to meet Western men. It’s possible that Westerners are seen as unusual and fascinating when this thought might not even have occurred to ourselves. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice feeling to have happen.

For example if I could tell you the amount of times I have been invited to meet Thai women you’d be impressed. In fact, it’s an endless adventure and one you must prepare for when you travel to Thailand. The Thais seem to be quite open and straightforward about what they like and what they prefer relationship wise. It can be downright embarrassing at times.

For example If I was with a group of five Thai women no doubt I would be asked as to who I prefer (out of the group). They’d be quite open about it, and put you on the spot for a quick answer. I find this contrary to my often polite Western thinking habits where I would prefer to keep such an ‘important’ piece of confidential knowledge to myself!

What I just mentioned then (the attraction of Thai women to Westerners) is something to not take lightly. By coming here or visiting Thailand you’re sure to understand this better. You’ll find this country a huge eye opener… Be wise. It’ll be easy for you to meet a refined, sensitive and thoughtful Thai woman. Especially if you hold those same qualities too.

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Offering A Gift Is Important For Thai Women

Women want to receive gifts from their life partners because this is a proof of appreciation for them. Thai women feel the same thing, but as it’s a different culture, what should a Western man offer to impress?


Many Western men already know that a gift is always very appreciated by women, but they aren’t sure if it’s the same thing with Thai women. Yes, Thai ladies also appreciate gifts on a date as they like to be pampered.


Offering a gift in Thailand is less formal than in any other place in Asia, but still there are a few customs that a Western man should consider if he wants to impress. One of the most important things is to also know how to offer a gift. A gift is given and received with the right hand, including almost any type of gift. A Western man should also bow a little, pressing his palms together as in a praying Buddha type stance. Usually, Thai ladies don’t open the gift in the front of the a man, but don’t feel offended. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t appreciates it, so don’t push her to do that.

Thai girls hate men who show off their wealth, seeing them as insincere. If it’s something very expensive, she may even refuse it. Nonetheless, it’s important the type of gift you offer her, but don’t exaggerate buying something very expensive.


The most appropriate gifts for them are food delicacies, especially dark chocolate, which is now very popular in Thailand. As these women are still young at heart, offering them toys is a good idea. Flowers, obviously, shouldn’t miss, this being a very romantic thing. However, avoid carnations and lady marigolds because these are associated with mourning.


Gifts have to be wrapped in vivid colours, but avoid black, green or blue as these are associated with death. The right colours are red, yellow and don’t forget to add ribbons and bows to make the gift look prettier. Giving her a gift will impress because she won’t expect you to do that from the very beginning. It’s also a proof that she is important to you and that you appreciate her.

Thai Wives Are Different

If you’re a Western man who plans to get married to a Thai women, you have to know more about Thai culture and society. Traditional roles of men and women are still essential elements for Thai culture. Thus, when you marry a Thai lady, you’ll become the leader of the household. A Thai woman doesn’t like to make decisions, so you’ll have to do it by yourself. This may be difficult for you if you’re accustomed to Western culture, which is different.

Differences Between Thai And Western Women

In Western culture, women can have many roles within a family, which is a modern phenomenon and a great thing if partners are equal parties in a love relationship.


Problems emerge when she tries to play the roles of the man and the woman. He knows that he has a role, too in that relationship, but he won’t have the chance to do that. Many men who have had this problem, look now for a Thai wife because she prefers the clearly and more traditional roles. 

Thai women are brought up this way in their families, so the man they marry has to know that and to adapt. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make Thai women subservient. Yes, usually, their man makes the final decision, but they’ll also discuss with him and make decisions together. Plus, she already knows what he’ll decide.


Therefore, if you’ll let her make the final decision, she’ll be confused, so you have to understand that things are different in Thailand. Women are raised differently and they expect something different in your relationship, as well.

Change Your Way Of Thinking

A Thai wife will make you feel like a man and as your opinion don’t clash with her wish, there won’t be many conflicts. Moreover, she’ll avoid conflicts and try to live in harmony with you.


Although it may be confusing for you, step up and change your way of thinking. This is the time when you can say that you’re the man and a leader, but you’ll also take responsibility for many things.


As Thai women are gracious, caring, warm, beautiful and funny, having a Thai wife is a perfect decision. All you have to do is to understand that Thai women are different from Western women. Thus, you’ll be the man and you’ll have a wonderful life together although it will be different from your previous Western love relationships.

Family is also very important for a Thai woman, so try to be part of special proceedings and accept them. Soon, you’ll be accepted by her family and integrated in the new family structure. Respect, be kind with her relatives and be sure that she’ll appreciate it.