Man Waits Long Time To Be With His Thai Wife

Thai women are amazing girls who can make any man happy. Men from all over the world search for these girls and are willing to wed them. Thai women are beautiful, smart, exotic and really good persons. They are faithful companions that will remain by your side for the rest of time. If you found a great Thai girl, stick to her. At least this is what a man from Gainsborough did. 

Norman Robbins lives in Gainsborough, England. He and his Thai wife met online, the two falling in love with each other. Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom actually met on an online dating website earlier this year. In June 2012, Norman made the decision that all he wanted was to share the rest of his life with the loved woman, so he traveled to Bangkok and married Wilawan.


Unfortunately the love story did not continue with Norman and Wilawan coming to live together in Gainsborough. Due to the Visa rules established by the UK Borders Agency, it could take between two and five years until Wilawan will be able to come in Gainsborough. Even though the two are married, Norman and his Thai wife cannot be together.

Norman says that all he wants is to be with Wilawan, just as any other man and wife. Norman also claims that he understands the importance of Visa rules, but they should not prohibit him and his new wife from being together. According to Norman their marriage is real and Wilawan is actually willing to open a business in the English town.

“Wilawan is a very well educated woman who speaks and writes in great English,” Norman explained according to Worksop Guardian. “She wouldn’t be coming over here to sponge off the system because she’s a trained occupational therapist,” he added. As Wilawan will open a medical massage salon, she would actually contribute to the local economy, Norman said.


Unfortunately, the couple will not be together for Wilawan’s birthday either. The Thai lady will turn 50 this year, but Norman will not be with her to celebrate the event. The man said that traveling to Bangkok is very expensive and he cannot get the needed time off from work.

The whole story is very impressive. “We love each other and just want to be together – it’s just frustrating for us both that it’s taking so long,” Norman declared. Unfortunately, there is nothing this couple can do to be together sooner. The laws are clear and they apply to everyone.

Regardless of the fact that Norman and Wilawan cannot be together, the two love each other very much and are willing to do anything to find their way to one another. This is just one example of a couple who found love on online dating sites. Many man are just as happy as Norman to be married to a beautiful Thai wife.

Thai Marriage: Terms and Conditions

 More and more Western men decide to go to Thailand, get settled and get married with a Thai woman. Lucky for them, in Thailand it is legal for foreigners to marry either Thai citizens or other foreign nationals. The process is actually very straightforward. There is, of course, certain paperwork that is required, all of which must be translated into the Thai language and legalised according to the Thai law.


Thailand marriage can be performed at a local district office known as amphur or khet. In order for foreigners to get married in Thailand, they need to have clearance from their embassy. A marriage in Thailand is a legal Thai marriage pursuant to Thai law and is normally recognised throughout the world. For individuals who have trans-national issues, where one or more spouse is from a different country, Thailand is a very convenient location in which to marry.


The administrative marriage in Thailand does not take that much. Including the time involved in procuring affidavits from an embassy, having those documents translated and legalised, and having the marriage performed at a local amphur, the process can be completed in as little as 3-4 days. Sometimes if there are some complications, such as back-ups in paperwork at an embassy, or different requirements for certain nation’s embassies, the process can take a bit longer.

Below, you will find the eligibility requirements for marriage in Thailand.

  • either of them shouldn’t be less than 17 years of age. The Court may, in case of having appropriate reason, allow them to marry before attaining such age.
  • either of them should not be insane or adjudged incompetent.
  • both of them should not be in blood relations in the direct ascendant or descendant line, or brother or sister of full or half blood;
  • both of them should not have the same adoptive parents;
  • either of them should not have a spouse at the time of marriage. If a woman is a widow or divorced, the marriage can only take place after 310 days.

Foreigners who wish to marry shall present themselves at the Thai embassy with their passport and arrival card, in order to complete a set of declarations that attest that s/he is single and free to marry in accordance with Thai Law and the registration shall be effected by a Thai Diplomatic.

The future husband can require a prenuptial contract, provided they meet the procedural requirements of Thai law. If the man wishes so, he must turn to a law office which will assist him in all the steps.

The Experience Of A British Man


People tend to think that Thai brides are not as beautiful and happy as this in the picture above. However, real life makes delightful surprises and brings together people who seem to have no connection at all. In the video bellow you can hear the story of a British man who found real love in Thailand with one of the famous Thai brides. He is a regular man and she is an ordinary woman, but they are madly in love and don’t think at all about a break-up. Although people tend to be very judgmental when it comes about Thai brides, the story of these two great  persons demonstrates that true love exists. Watch the interview with the happy couple and the reasons for which they are so crazy about each other against all cultural differences. If you expect to see something out of the ordinary, you will be astonished to see two simple people from two different countries and just this. If you would not be informed that she is a Thai bride and if they would not mention it in the video, you would probably have no clue about this.

The story of this nice Thai woman and this lively British man is wonderful, demonstrating that true love can be found in almost any circumstances.

General Information on Arranged Thai Marriages

Marriage is the fundamental institution of a society and it is a contract signed for life between two people who respect and love one another. However, in most Asian countries, such as Thailand, love is not a decisive factor in choosing a future husband. Parents often think about providing their children with more than they had and thus resort to arranged marriages. Traditionally these types of marriage are determined almost exclusively by the parents, and the recipient has little or nothing to say about their future spouse. Arranged marriages occur within ethnic, cultural, or religious groups residing in these areas that have traditionally practiced the custom of pre-established unions.

Purpose of Arranged Marriages


There are a few decisive factors when it comes to this type of marriage. In Eastern cultures, this is something normal. Here are a few of main features and purpose of pre-arranged unions:

  • The main reasons pertain to tradition. In areas or groups in which this is a long standing convention, most of the present generations are still continuing this practice.
  • Since parents are the ones arranging the marriage, they put their children’s welfare above everything. In many cases, this security includes seeking an appropriate mate.
  • Arranged marriages may be used as a very practical solution in countries where dating and courtship are either prohibited or discouraged.
  • Parents also resort to arranged marriages in order to provide their children and ultimately themselves a better financial status. The family of the bride provides the groom with a certain amount of monetary or other monetary goods of their daughter.

Controversy Around Arranged Marriage

As with any marriage related subject, there are few controversies that have sprung out over the years. Sociologists have different opinions on this matter. Some say that marriage should be carried out by people who love each other, others claim that this type of union is actually beneficial to conserving the tradition, culture, and ethnicity of a certain group. Thailand makes no exception from this rule. Many Thai families push their children to this lifestyle.

The video below is a perfect depiction of the reasons why Thai young women want to marry Western men. The dream of each Thai woman is to meet a foreign husband that would pick her up from the tough life and give her a better lifestyle.

Legal Requirements for Thai Arranged Marriages

Western men are in a continuous search for a Thai bride. Nevertheless, there are a couple of legal requirements that any Western man needs to abide by.

The first step for having a successful wedding in Thailand is to ensure the ceremony is legal. Couples will also need valid passports as well as their birth certificates to present to the appropriate officials. If the bride is younger than 21, then she needs a parental letter of consent. Once the authorisation is approved, the authenticated paperwork must be presented at the local district office. As a matter of course, documents must be translated between the couple’s native language and Thai.

Main Benefits of Arranged Marriages


Parents who choose this type of marriage have in mind some of the main advantages:

  • Since everything is arranged, many people feel that marriage will be harmonious than choosing randomly based on emotion.
  • Those who will have their marriages arranged are free from the stress and pressure of finding a spouse, allowing them to concentrate on their studies or careers.
  • Supporters of arranged marriages believe that such marriages reflect a mature relationship driven by a mutual sharing of lie rather than often fluctuation feelings. There is also less likely to be family conflict, as the family approves of the spouse.

Despite the measures of a family to find a suitable and compatible spouse, there is actually no guarantee that the couple will end up loving each other or even liking each other. There are additional concerns regarding fixed marriages that pertain to human rights issues, female subjugation and domestic violence, which may occur if the woman refuses or argues with the choice of spouse.


Thai Brides Love Intimate Weddings

If you already are in a relationship with a Thai woman and you are heading to the isle, you need to know that Thai brides are fans of small and intimate weddings. For these women, family is very important. For their wedding, it is very normal to have present the persons that are close to their souls. Usually, the parents of the bride are very important for her and the siblings are involved in the wedding. Because “it takes a village to raise a child”, do not be astonished if for your future wife, the wedding will be a great opportunity to meet uncles, aunts and cousins, because they are much more important than friends. Family ties are irreplaceable and you need to find a solution to make the wedding planning perfectly. Even if you would like to have a big and impressive wedding, you two need to talk and agree on the matter because you need to have the perfect party for both. It is very important to reach an agreement and get used to the ideas that one of you will have to compromise.

If you consider that your large family is not very important, let her do the planning and only invite to the wedding the closer relatives, those that you really love and care about. To keep it low key, as your bride will want, you can only ask very close friends to come. The best thing about a small wedding is that everyone will have the chance to meet and talk and you will have all the time in the world to have fun and chat with those you love. Invite at your wedding those who are special for you, as this is a one of a kind event.

An intimate wedding can turn out to be great. Especially if your families come from two different cultures, getting along well is mandatory. At a small wedding, all the members of both of your families can mingle and get to know each other very well. Thai brides have a very good reason to love such parties. Gathering all your loved ones together will be a wonderful start for your life as a couple and you will feel their love surrounding you. Plan a beautiful and charming wedding and be prepared to have the time of your life thanks to your guests.