Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day has become one of the most popular holidays in the world and is celebrated by people all around the globe. Thailand makes no exception, as people in this country did not forget about red roses, chocolates, flowers, candlelit dinners and whispered sweet nothings.

Even though Thais celebrated Valentine’s Day in numerous diverse ways, getting married or trying to tie the knot was the main focus of attention. The traditional district of love in Bangkok (Bang Rak) stormed with couples who lined up at the district office well before it opened. They all wanted to enter a draw for a gold marriage certificate.


The first ones who tied the know were Pol. Lt. Chukiat Chongsomboonkusol, 35, of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, and Chantima Tirawan, 21. The lucky couple waited outside the office from 5am, after the officer finished his shift at about 2am.

Another lucky couple who got married on Valentine’s day is Sathien and Thong Sharekrathok, both 90, who tied the knot in Nakhon Ratchasima after spending 23 years together and seen their six children by other marriages grow up and form their own families. When asked what is the secret of living together in old age, the 90-year-old newlywed husband said:

We live like friends, like brother and sister. We always talk to each other, with no emotional upsets, and it always ends up my doing everything she wants.” (laughs)


Another trend in Thailand is for couples to take the plunge and participate in adventure-themed wedding ceremonies. Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, in the province Prachinburi, three Thai couples took part in unique wedding ceremonies arranged by a Thai resort. This one-of-a-kind ceremony aims to strengthen the couples’ relationship by doing fun activities together.

The first couple, Varutton Rangsitwong and Prasit Rangsitwong, jumped into the water as they are chased by an actor costumed as a pirate. Then, they try to run away from a giant flower ball and, finally, they swing out on a rappelling rope. Two more couples who chose to get married at the resort went through the same “adventures”.


Some lucky Thai brides and grooms! Besides getting married on Valentine’s Day, they also got an unforgettable ceremony.

Wedding Superstitions

Thailand culture is known for its superstitions and spirit worship. Even the Thai language has many idioms and sayings that admit a supernatural wider cosmic order.


Believe it or not, astrology and supernatural phenomena influence the daily life and decisions of many people in Thailand. In this country we find also many wedding superstitions, the most known being the following:

1. Brides should not try their wedding dress before the wedding.

2. Sharp, pointed objects, including knives should not be offered as wedding gift because this will break the marriage.

3. If it rains during the wedding day, the life of the couple will be happy and prosperous.


4. Offering chamberpot as a wedding gift brings good luck to the couple.

5. Throwing rice confetti will bring the newlyweds prosperity.

6. If the groom sits ahead of his bride during the wedding ceremony, he wil be a henpecked husband.


7. If the bride wears pearls on her wedding day, she will be a sad wife and will experience many tears.

8. Dropping the veil, the wedding ring or the arrhae during the wedding ceremony, will bring unhappiness for the newlyweds.

9. Breaking something at the reception, brings good luck.

10. The groom must arrive before the bride at the church to avoid bad luck.

11. The bride has to step on her groom’s foot while walking towards the altar if she wants him to agree to her all the time.


12. If a candle on the side of the bride or groom means that she or he, respectively will die first of the other.

If a Western man choose to marry a Thai woman, he has to know about all these superstitions. Thus, he won’t be surprised or angry about Thai wedding superstitions.

Legal Aspects To Know When Marrying A Thai Bride

Numerous Western men travel to Thailand with the main purpose to find a beautiful girl to wed. Thai women are smart, well educated and actually extremely beautiful girls that every man can easily fall in love with. If you are also thinking about wedding a charming Thai lady, you first have to get properly informed on the Thai marriage procedure. There are both Thai traditions and law requirements you will have to be aware of if you plan on wedding a Thai lady.


Below you will find a list of documents you will need if you plan on getting married in Thailand. In the lack of such legal papers, you will not be able to marry the woman you want to share the rest of your life with.

1. Having a copy of your passport is a must for a legal marriage with a Thai lady. Besides the passport copy you will most likely also need an arrival card. These documents, as well as other personal declarations, will help you prove that you are single and able to marry the woman you love, under the Thai marriage law.

2. A proof of your eligibility to marry may also be required. This affirmation document can easily be obtained from your embassy. You may also find it online. Just be careful, as to complete the process of obtaining this document you will most likely have to pay some fees.

3. Have a copy of your divorce certificate or of the death certificate of your spouse, if the case. You will be asked to provide this document, as well, with an income statement. Having these documents can be a must in some regions of Thailand.


You may also be required to submit the following documents:

  • A certification document from your consulate, both in English and Thai.
  • A proof on what you do for a living.
  • A proof of how much money you make.
  • Details on your previous marriages, child support or alimony payments.

Before submitting these papers, you need to make sure that your future bride is eligible, as well. She must be over 17, not married and mentally sound.

Thai Ceremony

When Thai women get married, there are many customs and the wedding ceremony is a little bit different. To comply with Buddhist beliefs, most Thai women who get married would be happy to have a traditional ceremony. In Thailand, the legal marriage takes place at any Thai amphur countrywide, which is the Civil Registry Office. Marriage certificates issued in Thailand are recognized by Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada, Britain and France.


According to tradition, a Thai couple becomes engaged during a ceremony known as thong mun and this ceremony will be attended by parents, friends and relatives. Thais opt for gold jewellery. This event is interlinked with an ancient tradition called sinsod or sinsot. It’s customary to negotiate the amount and terms of sinsod.Additionally, a dowry is normally waived in case of re-marriages.


Before the in-law family will accept you, they have to know who you are and analyze if you’re a suitable suitor or not. Usually, sinsod is reciprocated by the parents-in-law. Many parents-in-law give the dowry back to the couple as a wedding gift, some families don’t require a dowry, while others needs to keep the money.


Additionally, the union of two individuals is represented by placing the sai monkonor sacred cord upon the couple’s heads. The blessing of the couple is symbolized by sacred markings and the rod-nam-sang or conch shell, considered a source of good in ancient Brahman religion and a core symbol in Buddhism.

Water is an important element, symbolising cleaning and luck. Other important elements are flower garlands and flower petals. There are many beautiful rituals to be found in the wedding ceremonies of Thailand.

Documents Needed to Marry a Thai Bride

Nowadays, many western many travel to Thailand seeking the company of the beautiful women in this country. If you are one of them and you have found a Thai lady you want to marry and start a life with, then you should get thoroughly informed on the Thai marriage procedures. A Thai wedding is different from what you are used to, so if you are keen on respecting the traditions, then you should research them first. However, it is not only the traditions you need to get informed on, but also the legal part. If you wish to marry in Thailand, there are certain documents you will need.

1. A copy of your passport, as well as the arrival card; based on these documents, you will be able to complete a set of declarations attesting that you are single and free to marry under the Thai law.

Passport and Arrival Card

2. Affirmation of eligibility to marry which can be obtained from either your embassy or the embassy’s website. This is one of the most important documents you will need, so pay close attention to the aspects below.

– After completing the affirmation document, you need to return it to your embassy; know that some fees may be charged, but the embassies fees and procedures vary, so ask everything you want to know at the embassy beforehand.

– In order to complete the affirmation of eligibility, you will also need to:

  • provide an income statement;
  • provide a copy of your divorce order or death certificate of your spouse (if you are divorced or widowed);
  • list your children and their ages;
  • list two citizens in your home country as references.

– You will then need to collect your signed affirmation document from the embassy, which can happen on the same or following day, depending on the embassy or consulate.

Thai Embassy Logo

– It is also very important to have the affirmation document translated into Thai, as well as the divorce order or death certificate of your spouse (if divorced or widowed). This is not mandatory, but is recommended especially if marrying in a small amphoe.

3. Translated copies of the affirmation in Thai are therefore the next documents you will need to marry a Thai lady. They need to be certified by an approved Foreign Ministry translator, so do not have them translated by just anyone.

4. Original proof of divorce or spousal death in case you are divorced or widowed; you will also need to provide these documents when getting the affirmation document, so make sure you have the original divorce order or death certificate with you, as well as several copies certified by a notary.

5. Passport showing entrance visa into Thailand.


After obtaining all these documents, you need to take them together with the translations and copies of your passport to the Legalization Division of Consular Affairs Department. There, the Consular Official’s signature will be authenticated. This process will take a matter of hours. You can either wait or collect the signature in two days from the Thai Consular Affairs office.

Then, you need to take the documents to the local District Registrar (also known as the “Amphoe“). The Amphoe will register the marriage and issue the marriage certificate in two copies that will not be reissued if you lose them, so make sure you take good care of them.

Marriage Certificate

You should also have the certificate translated into English or your home language before leaving the country, since it will cost you a lot to do that overseas.

This may be a daunting, time-consuming process, but if you wish to marry the Thai bride of your dreams, you will go through all these steps and solve everything in order to have her by your side. And speaking of her, know that Thai brides are also required to provide some documentation:

  • identification card
  • house registration certificate
  • proof of divorce or death in case she is divorced or widowed

Now that you know which are the documents you will need to marry a Thai bride, you are free to tie the knot!