How To Find A Thai Woman

Finding love and happiness is something that everyone wants and there is no doubt in that. Meeting a beautiful Thai lady can be a challenge when you have no idea how and where to find a perfect life partner for you. Below you will find some tips on how to find wonderful Thai women. You may consider them on your search for a great relationship with a beautiful woman.

1. Online dating

Online dating is without a doubt the easiest way to find the perfect lady. Through online dating sources you can actually find numerous beautiful girls. You only have to check out their profiles and choose a girl you like and which seems to have similar personality to yours. Then, you can write to her. Start communicating with the Thai lady you have chosen before meeting her in person. Once you realize that the two of you can get along very well and would make the best couple possible, you can meet her. If the Thai lady lives in Thailand, she may come to you, regardless of where you live.


2. Go to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand is an option to meet a beautiful lady, too. Visiting this charming country will definitely be a one of a kind experience that you will surely enjoy. And a lot. Traveling to Thailand will also give you the possibility to meet a Thai lady in person. This way, you will know since the first moment if you like the girl or not. Once arriving to Thailand, you may connect with a dating agency to find easier the woman you have been looking for.


3. Online social networks

Besides online dating sites, you may also check out social networks. Nowadays, social networks represent a great way to socialize and meet new people. Sites such as MySpace or Facebook also offer you the possibility to find beautiful Thai ladies.


4. Find a Thai community group in your area

If you live in a large city, there are great chances for you to find a Thai community group in your area. Such a group would be a recreation center for people belonging to the Thai culture. By attending the meetings of a Thai community group, you will be able to meet many people, including Thai women.


5. Take a language class

No matter which of the aforementioned ways you plan on using with the purpose to find a Thai lady, you should take a language class. Even though most women from Thailand learn English at a very young age, learning the language will get you closer to the Thai culture and consequentially to finding the woman of your dreams.


Being happy and finding your true love is not that hard. You just have to put some efforts to it and you will find the perfect Thai lady.

The Perfect Relationship With A Thai Woman

If you’re worried about meeting the right woman, then do yourself a favor and relax into this article. You’re about to be new-schooled. If You Are An 18-80 Year Old Guy Who Seeks Love, Happiness And Wild Adventures Then Here’s Why You Should Join The 643 Other Guys Just Like YOU Who Have Traveled To Thailand For Just Pennies On The Dollar!

However, it’s going to take some changes on your part. Are you ready? Good. But first, think about this. If you’re constantly not meeting women, then admitably it’s hard to see ‘meeting women’ as being a ‘natural and easy’ process.

Especially when it constantly feels like it’s just not happening.

Firstly let me say there’s no real easy solutions to this common relationship – meet-a-partner problem. But I do know that there are some actions you can take that can put you in favorable or sticky environments where meeting a woman, and in particular, a Thai woman, will be distinctly easy, and a natural process for you.

That however might mean you need to move out of your comfort zone, and perhaps even travel, or live… in a completely new country, such as Thailand. Thailand has been a location of choice for me for five years – will it be for you too? The relaxed, peace loving Thai people, laid back attitude, and an all-embracing and heart felt welcoming that one always feels here are joys to behold.

I must admit, I did carry a vision of the type of woman I wanted to meet in my head for a long time. But I let nature and natural selection work out the finer details, and I recommend you do the same. But let’s look at why Thailand will become a perfect location for you to meet Thai women and establish new friendships…

For starters, Thai women are gracious, very accepting, and have a great, laid back, relaxed persona about most things (generally speaking). Actually most Thais carry these rich, Buddhist influenced qualities that resonate with a beautiful simpleness and an unburdened approach to life. It’s much like they live a lifestyle without anything too remotely serious attached to it.

The Thai culture is diverse enough to make any Westerner feel at home too. And even better, there’s a real natural attraction for many Thai woman to want to meet Western men. It’s possible that Westerners are seen as unusual and fascinating when this thought might not even have occurred to ourselves. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice feeling to have happen.

For example if I could tell you the amount of times I have been invited to meet Thai women you’d be impressed. In fact, it’s an endless adventure and one you must prepare for when you travel to Thailand. The Thais seem to be quite open and straightforward about what they like and what they prefer relationship wise. It can be downright embarrassing at times.

For example If I was with a group of five Thai women no doubt I would be asked as to who I prefer (out of the group). They’d be quite open about it, and put you on the spot for a quick answer. I find this contrary to my often polite Western thinking habits where I would prefer to keep such an ‘important’ piece of confidential knowledge to myself!

What I just mentioned then (the attraction of Thai women to Westerners) is something to not take lightly. By coming here or visiting Thailand you’re sure to understand this better. You’ll find this country a huge eye opener… Be wise. It’ll be easy for you to meet a refined, sensitive and thoughtful Thai woman. Especially if you hold those same qualities too.

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What Thai Phrases To Say To Impress A Thai Woman

If you want to attract a Thai lady, you have to know what and how to say to her. Even if you won’t sound like a native speaker, at least you can show her that you strive. Before telling her impressive and romantic things, keep in mind that this culture is modest, so everything you say has to be prudent and said when it’s the right time.


When you date a Thai woman, tell her some nice Thai phrases such as:

1. Say “Khuen-níi khun duu suay mâak“. It means: “You look so beautiful tonight.” This will make her feel special and appreciated by you.

2. “Phom yak rúu-jàk khun mâak-kwàa nîi”. It means “I want to know you more than this.”  This phrase shows her that you want something serious and that you’re fascinated by her and ready to know her better.

3. Say, “Khun pen fu-ying thi suay thi-sut thi fom khery jer maa“. Literally, you’re saying “You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever met.”

4. “Khun pen faen kàp phom dâi mái”, meaning “Can you be my girlfriend?” In Thai language, the issue is first and the question word is always at the end, along with the active verb.


5. “Sway mak or Narak mak.” You say “You’re beautiful” or “You’re cute.” As a response she may say “Pak waan“, meaning “sweet mouth”, so she’ll flirt with you. If she’ll answer “Hob Khun Ka“, it means “Thank you”.

6. “Khun jà yùu nai hua-jai khawng-phom sà-mer.” This says: “You will be in my heart always”, which is very impressive and will amaze her for sure.

7. Faan dee. You’re saying “Sweet dreams“, which is very nice and kind to say to your lady after a great date or even when you’re on the phone before she goes to sleep. Such an attitude of kindness will definitely impress her, so don’t forget to say to her these short, but nice words.


8. Say “Pom rak khun“, meaning “I love you.” This is certainly one of the most impressive things that you can say to her. Thai ladies use these words only when they’re very serious and convinced about that. Thus, she’ll be fascinated and will be floating on air.

The above mentioned Thai phrases are short, but they’re relevant when you want to show a Thai girl that you care about her and that you want to have a romantic relationship with her.

Thai Bride Finds Love With Filipino Man

The examples of Thai women who have been able to find love with men from all over the world are numerous. Here you will find the story of a beautiful couple who is nowadays happily married. Ronaldo “Ronnie” Vergara married Watchareewan “Namfon” Singkaew last year in April. The two are still a happy, in love couple, as Ronnie’s sister shared in her article published by the Inquirer earlier this year.

Ronnie and Namfon first met in 2008. In fact, the two have been introduced by Ronnie’s sister, who traveled to Thailand with work. The woman first met Namfon at a fashion show and she believed that the beautiful girl would make a perfect match with her younger brother. Before meeting Ronnie, Namfon has several times been to the Philippines and made numerous Filipino friends.


Even though at first Namfon protested, claiming that although single, she was not interested in meeting Ronnie, she finally agreed to talk to him. Ronnie was not that pleased with his sister’s idea, either. The man claimed that there were many cultural differences between the two and such a relationship would never work. At the insistences of his sister, Ronnie agreed and talked to the Thai girl. Since 2008, the two have spoken via email, getting to know each other.

At first, the two just talked, nothing serious. However in 2011, the pair met in person for the first time. It surely was love, as the romance blossomed since that very moment. Soon after that, the couple wedded. And they definitely are an amazingly beautiful couple.


The wedding of Ronnie and his Thai bride was a small event, so only close friends and relatives were invited. The bride’s family arrived from Bangkok for the wedding, too. It was a dream wedding that took place in Manila.

Despite of the distance and the fact that Ronnie and his Thai lady only met in person about 3 years after first starting to talk on the Internet, they found true love. The two managed to overpass all the individual and cultural differences between them and their life together is like a fairytale.

This is just another example on how a man managed to find a unique happiness with a Thai girl. Men from all around the world can be just as happy as Ronnie is to find the love of their life with a beautiful Thai woman.

Find The One

If you are a very shy man or you have been disappointed, you still should look for the right woman for you. In case you believe that it’s too difficult to find the one, you’re wrong. Use Thai brides online dating and you will have the opportunity to discuss with so many beautiful Thai ladies, who are famous for their beauty and personality. Thai ladies are also great and very faithful wives, so your life will be wonderful indeed. It’s very simple to use online dating sites and meet new and wonderful Thai women. The Internet is at hand, so with a few clicks you will be closer to happiness and will finally have the life you always dreamed of. Complaining that you are lonely, sad and disappointed is not the right thing and it will not solve your problem.

The best thing that you have to do is to use the Internet and online dating sites and then discuss with several Thai women to figure out what kind of woman is suitable for you. You can also meet face to face, if you have found the one, and then, if things will go very well between you two, you will want to get married. Plus, these online dating websites offer you the possibility to meet various women, so you will know what is the right type of woman for you. This is your opportunity to have an accomplished personal life and the family you always dreamed of. 

Thai brides are very beautiful and they are able to sacrifice themselves for their family if it’s necessary, so you will spend a wonderful life with a great woman beside you, who will be a good mother, wife and friend. Thai brides are very nice women, educated, polite, faithful and they will show you that life can be wonderful indeed, but you have to do something about it, as well, so start right now and search for online dating sites to know these wonderful women and have the life you always wanted. Most sites are free, there are also a few which charge a fee, but the sum of money is very small, so you won’t spend a fortune and will also meet the love of your life.