Should You Trust Thai Girls?

Many Western men who plan to date Thai women don’t know what they should do. Some of them have a negative opinion about them and thus, they don’t trust them. There are real reasons for this, but it doesn’t mean that there are no great Thai women.


With so many negative stories on the Internet, Thai girls are generally perceived as being untrustworthy. Nevertheless, some of them are actually more devoted and trustworthy than the majority of Western women. The main features of an untrustworthy Thai girl are the following:

  • no accepted call phones from you
  • she doesn’t return your calls, emails or IM’s
  • is often late at night
  • she works in a coyote place, bar or massage parlor
  • many friends of her work also in massage parlors and bars

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    Meeting one of the above criteria it doesn’t mean that she is untrustworthy, so try to know her better before believing that she doesn’t deserve your trust. Yes, the Thai culture and language can be a barrier, but if you’re ready to know girls from different cultures and are ready to understand them, dating Thai girls shouldn’t be such a complicated and risky process.


    Before becoming suspicious, you should wait a little, analyze things, her and also trust your gut. Yes, in some cases, dating Thai women, may be a minefield, but it shouldn’t be your situation, too. If she’s interested in Western men, it means she already knows a few things about their culture and also a few words in English.


    Always trust in a love relationship with anyone is a two way street, so the same is with Thai girls. All you have to do is to take it slow, get to know each other well enough and communicate. All these things will move your relationship forward quickly and there will be increased chances to make the best of it.

Services That Will Help You Make The Right Choice

When you register with a Thai bride website, it’s a process offering you the possibility to find the right partner for a marriage of your dreams. You’ll find the right lady to love, cherish, protect and to share your life with her. Be sure that she will reward you with a special relationship.


Nonetheless, you should register with several Thai bride websites, so don’t hurry and choose the first Thai bride on the first Thai lady site you find. There are websites that can assist you with accommodation arrangements and travel. You’ll be welcomed at the airport and your transfer to the hotel will also be arranged.

Thus, when you arrive, everything will be well organized and you’ll have no problems. After you’ve recovered from the journey, you’ll be introduced to the lady that you have chosen. In case you want, you’ll also benefit from great tips and hints in order to entertain her.


You’ll meet only ladies with great backgrounds as those reliable sites apply strict rules in their selection process of Thai ladies. Additionally, if you don’t find what you want, you can come several times and visit Thailand. Choosing your life partner is an important decision, so you don’t have to hurry and make a wrong decision.


If you find the right Thai woman and you want to marry her, there are special staff members that will provide you all the assistance to arrange the wedding and to obtain the legal documents and visas to bring your new wife home.

There is also support for your Thai wife to adapt to her new Western life. All you need is a phone call or an email and soon, her and your problems will be solved.


Use such services if you want to find a wonderful Thai lady and have a happy life together. It will last a short period of time until she will adapt to a new life, but with the help of these services, everything will be fine.

Mistakes Made By Many Western Guys

Western guys are attracted by Thai women, but they make some mistakes and thus, their love relationships end soon. Thai culture and conceptions are different from Western ones, so men have to pay attention to avoid mistakes. Thus, Western guys have to get it right if they want a great personal life. The most frequent mistakes are the following:

1. Take the easy route to meet a Thai woman, looking for a wife in a bar. Or, there are some guys that want to turn a prostitute in a wife, but all these end in disaster.


2. Move her in although you don’t plan to marry her. So, the only reason why you should move together has to happen only if you want to put a ring on her finger. If not, don’t move her in. There could be a lot of drama with a hysterical woman in your house, so pay attention to what you do if you don’t want to complicate things.

3. Settle down too soon and too fast. Some Western guys marry a Thai woman only after two weeks, but this is not enough at all to know someone. Anyway, she will still have many expectations.


4. Agree to things and customs you don’t want to agree to. She will tell you that this is how things are in Thailand, but don’t hurry and agree to something you don’t want to as this may result in a disaster. In case she tells you several times that you don’t understand Thai culture, perhaps you should give up and put an end to this relationship because it won’t work.

5. Meet her family for the first time only right on your big day is also another mistake. This happens in many cases. Keep in mind that when marrying a Thai girl you also marry her family. Therefore, you should take a close look at her family and long before getting married. Usually, her family members will look at you closely and will ask you a lot of questions, so pay attention and try to know them better.


6. Tell too much about you and your life too soon. If you break up with her, remember that a Thai woman is revengeful and she will tell people about all those secrets and embarrassing moments related to you.

Be aware of these mistakes and thus, you’ll prevent a lot of problems from happening. Additionally, decide if you want a serious relationship with a Thai woman or not.

Legal Aspects To Know When Marrying A Thai Bride

Numerous Western men travel to Thailand with the main purpose to find a beautiful girl to wed. Thai women are smart, well educated and actually extremely beautiful girls that every man can easily fall in love with. If you are also thinking about wedding a charming Thai lady, you first have to get properly informed on the Thai marriage procedure. There are both Thai traditions and law requirements you will have to be aware of if you plan on wedding a Thai lady.


Below you will find a list of documents you will need if you plan on getting married in Thailand. In the lack of such legal papers, you will not be able to marry the woman you want to share the rest of your life with.

1. Having a copy of your passport is a must for a legal marriage with a Thai lady. Besides the passport copy you will most likely also need an arrival card. These documents, as well as other personal declarations, will help you prove that you are single and able to marry the woman you love, under the Thai marriage law.

2. A proof of your eligibility to marry may also be required. This affirmation document can easily be obtained from your embassy. You may also find it online. Just be careful, as to complete the process of obtaining this document you will most likely have to pay some fees.

3. Have a copy of your divorce certificate or of the death certificate of your spouse, if the case. You will be asked to provide this document, as well, with an income statement. Having these documents can be a must in some regions of Thailand.


You may also be required to submit the following documents:

  • A certification document from your consulate, both in English and Thai.
  • A proof on what you do for a living.
  • A proof of how much money you make.
  • Details on your previous marriages, child support or alimony payments.

Before submitting these papers, you need to make sure that your future bride is eligible, as well. She must be over 17, not married and mentally sound.

Thai Brides And Australian Government

It seems that every year, thousands of Australian men travel to Thailand in order to find a wife. Thus, the number of spousal visa applications to the Australian government has increased by over 50% in the last decade, which is amazing. Many Thai brides emigrate to Australia and now there are 40,000 applications each year.


The number of Thai wives has increased in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Nonetheless, there are also problems as some Thai women have come to be exploited by unscrupulous individuals who lured these women into prostitution industry. In this situation, the Australian authorities have responded with upgraded immigration processes, law reinforcement and increased social services.


A recent study in Australia showed that Thai women in Australia are more concerned about the security of their children than that of themselves. They also are confronted with a language barrier and they lack information about their health needs.


Under these circumstances, the Australian authorities have also have also upgraded and streamlined immigration processes to deal with residency applications by Thai women. Under the new Australian residency system, all Thai women who come to Australia as spouses are given two years in which they are expected to live along with their Australian partners. Additionally,during that period the couple has to be tested by special bona fide units set up by the government. Nevertheless, there are still many Australians who marry Thai women and bring them to Australia, so this problem may not solve soon.