10 Steps In Planning A Thai Wedding

Planning a wedding can give you huge headaches if you don’t like organizing big events. However, in this case, when it comes about the most important celebration in your life, you have to carefully plan it, especially if you are Thai and your husband is not. You have to transform the cultural differences in advantages and to make sure everyone will feel great during the ceremony and during the party. This is why you should follow the next steps. You can print this article and pin it on a board to know all the time what are the next things to solve. Write down all that you do and keep account of the money you spend to make sure you will not exceed the planned budget. 

1. Establish the budget with your future husband. You two know the best how much money you can afford to spend.

2. According to the budget, decide what type of wedding you will have, a luxurious one with hundreds of guests or a small and intimate one. Also decide on the exact number of guests.

3. Make the guests list and include family and friends of both.

4. Find the perfect venue. At the same time decide on the decorations it will have on your big day.


5. Decide on the menu, but plan it in such a manner to please both families.


6. Choose a photographer and a band. 

7. Buy your outfits for the special day and also the wedding bands. After you have the dress, choose a bouquet of flowers that matches it and jewelry.

8. Decide on a hairstylist and on a makeup artist.


9. Plan the setting, but make sure you arrange the guests at the tables in such a manner that they will get to know each other and befriend.

10. Enjoy the most special day of your lives.


Planning a wedding is stressful, but think of the fact that all this stress will lead you to a great day in which you will be in the spotlight while tying the know with the one you most love.